“Being Ahead of the Gayme.”

Mason on Computer

Having worked in the matchmaking industry for many years, Mason has gathered a collection of qualitative and quantitative data to give his audience effective tools in current date practice. He has had his magnifying glass on his control group. He has keenly noticed that certain behavioral patterns are elicited from certain personality traits. In this talk, Mason goes into innovative tricks of the trade, some of his best and interesting testimonials, and shares archetypical theories on how gay men date. A millennial’s perspective can be transformative to any facet of a gay man’s life regardless of life experience, age, and/or relationship expertise. How can you be ahead of everyone else, get the most success, while being the best version of yourself? To conclude this talk, Mason opens himself to answer questions from the audience in a popular Q&A. Mason recommends his book, “Getting Ahead of the Gayme: Man First, Gay Second,” to serve as a great guidepost along with this talk.