About the Author

Mason has had a long career in the matchmaking industry and spent his time helping high caliber clientele all over the country select eligible matches. He specializes in working with gay men and the compatibility between them. Mason has the innate ability to read people based on their personality traits, relationship history, and biological thinking process. His training, personal experience in the field, and intuition play a key role in him making long lasting love connections. Mason is a ‘people person’ and has special skills in formulating a winning dating game plan for his clients in order to help them find their ideal mates. Mason uses a combination of psychology, sociology, science, and field experience to create a dynamic picture of what one is looking for in an ideal mate. He believes that true love is the essence of why humanity exists.

The Best Version of You

As a professional sleuth, Mason will spend time getting to know you and your thought process on dating or being in a relationship. He will filter and decipher dating or relationship behaviors that can be detrimental to the success of your personal date practice or your relationship. What blocks do you give yourself? What are some of your fears in dating? How can you selflessly strengthen your current relationship? Mason with give you a fresh and current perspective on how you can be the best version of you and how you represent yourself in finding true, authentic connections and conversations. Your journey will be carefully monitored and assessed in allowing you to experience a journey that will seem rejuvenated and enlightened.

Date Renovation 101

Are you new to online dating? Are you newly out of the closet? Are you having the worst success in dating online in general? Mason will spend time analyzing your dating profile presence underneath the microscope in a period of time. What does your verbiage and photos say initially about you, and does that profoundly reflect what you are trying to achieve? Mason will teach you how to be your best filter, which will save you time and money in the long-term. Dating should be fun, and you will have a sense of renewal after this one-on-one chat. 

“Being Ahead of the Gayme.”

Having worked in the matchmaking industry for many years, Mason has gathered a collection of qualitative and quantitative data to give his audience effective tools in current date practice. He has had his magnifying glass on his control group, and noticed that certain behavioral patterns are elicited from certain personality traits. In the talk, Mason goes into innovative tricks of the trade, someone of his best and interesting testimonials, as well as some archetypal  theory on how gay men date. A millennial’s perspective can be transformative to any facet of a gay man’s life regardless of life experience, age, or relationship expertise. How can you be ahead of everyone else, get the most success, while being the best version of yourself. Mason recommends his book, “Getting Ahead of the Gayme: Man First, Gay Second,” to serve as a great guidepost along with this talk.