“7 Tips for Choosing the Best Gay Dating Profile Pictures” for DatingAdvice.com

Creating an attractive gay dating profile starts with having good photos. Gay men are extremely visual (sometimes to a fault), so single men need to take the time to choose their pictures wisely.

How you present yourself online influences how attractive a person finds you. It isn’t just about judging your face, your abs, or your physical features. Online daters are getting a peek into your personality and your world.

Here are the top seven ways to make sure you are sending out good vibes and showing who you are in your gay online dating profile.

1. Crop Your Friends Out of Your Photos 

You should always be the focus of your online dating photos. What if the guy you swiped right on actually finds your friend more attractive than you? Do yourself a favor and crop your photos of other people in the shot.

I have found that group photos can often become blurry or by the time you crop yourself, you can barely be seen. If someone needs a magnifying glass to find you, chances are they’ve already made up their mind. You only have five seconds to grab someone’s attention, so use that time tactically and strategically.

2. Be Aware of Distractions 

Take into consideration your surroundings in a photo, and keep unnecessary distractions out of the frame. It could be your new baby nephew or niece, the Vegas koozy cocktail in your hand, or the gorgeous mountain landscape behind you. These things can really draw the eye away from you. You then become the afterthought. Consider presenting yourself in more neutral and less busy backgrounds, so you are the center of attention.

3. Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Confident 

Some guys appear too casual looking in their photos, and that can be off-putting. It shows they clearly aren’t trying to make a good first impression. Guys can’t just roll out of bed in pajamas and expect to be the hottest guy on Grindr. There’s too much competition. If you want to get noticed, lose the sweatpants and up your photo game. This is especially important if you’re serious about finding a gay partner.

When it comes to choosing clothing for a photo, I try to avoid hats and sunglasses. You want your face to be clearly visible. The eyes are the window to the soul. If someone can’t get a sense of your energy, then that may turn them off before they even read your bio. I always felt suspicious of someone who seems to be hiding what they look like. It’s not a good way to impress a potential match.

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