“5 Things To Do Before Asking Your Boyfriend to Move in With You” for DatingAdvice.com

Moving in with your significant other is a huge step. It demonstrates a big commitment, and it can test the strength of your relationship — or reveal its weaknesses.

Making the decision to move in together can be extremely exciting and intimidating at the same time. Experts say personal growth starts with being uncomfortable. That’s when you feel most motivated to change. Creating a home with your new man may not be all smiles and good vibes. It requires compromise, and it can be a stressful process if you’re not prepared. Here are my top five ways to make sure you are prepared for that compelling journey.

1. Travel Far Together  

Traveling with a partner really tests how you respond to stress, uncertainty, and other challenges. Couples who travel together often have to navigate unfamiliar roads or plan activities within a set timeframe. They may face issues, such as getting lost or misplacing tickets or a phone, that requires them to work together to pull through.

If things don’t work out exactly how you imagined, how do you and your significant other solve the problem?

While I was working as a professional matchmaker, I heard many single gay men say they wanted a man with a plan who could also go with the flow. They want a partner who will sweep them off to Paris or Tokyo at a moment’s notice — and will be on time for the flight so it doesn’t leave without them.

Traveling together offers you so many opportunities to learn from different experiences. These moments can reveal a partner’s true character and personality traits. It can also reveal flaws and show signs of potential issues ahead.

Trust me, if a person has poor planning or low emotional intelligence, things are only going to get worse when you move in with him. So ask yourself: How well do you or your partner deal with a language barrier, getting lost, rude service, or running late for a show or reservation?

2. Establish Bed & Sleep Cycle Rules 

Your sleep is an integral part to how you successfully operate day to day. The amount of sleep and the quality of sleep can determine your daily mood. Furthermore, it can affect how well you can keep cool under pressure.

Have a conversation about the type of bed you and your boyfriend want. Do you like darkness? Are you sensitive to sound? Do you run hot or cold at night? These questions may seem silly at first, but keep in mind you are now living with this person. Perpetual bad sleep nights will eventually affect your relationship.

And if your sleep cycles or sleep habits are just too different, consider sleeping apart with two separate beds or even have a night or two where you make this a priority. No one should take offense to this if you are truly placing your relationship first and prioritizing a restful and happy morning time. Not everyone is a morning person, but no one is a morning person if they have gotten little to no amount of quality sleep.

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