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Dating during a pandemic — it’s quite a precarious endeavor, isn’t it? Going on a date and meeting a stranger during a global crisis wasn’t a priority for most, but we as humans are social creatures. Our souls intrinsically crave some sort of physical interaction with others. Some people didn’t date for almost a year — I don’t blame them.

Now that people are getting back out there, it’s important to still consider your comfort level, take stock of how your date behaved during the pandemic, and take it slowly if you feel the need to do so when getting to know someone. To help you get back out there, here are five ways to help you start feeling comfortable about dating again after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pay Attention to How They Behaved During the Pandemic

Would you cringe at someone who decided to go to a big family reunion during the summer of 2020? Have they gotten the vaccine, or are they against getting one? One of my predictions for this year in dating practice is individuals using last year’s behaviors and the vaccination process as a source of compatibility. I see many of these issues as being in the “deal-breaker” category.

In order to start dating after a pandemic, it’s important to ask specific questions about how someone behaved during it. It’s important to not assume anything. I’ve been a guilty fool for doing this by accident. Some people haven’t seen their own family for more than a year, and you are the first stranger they’re meeting … in more than a year. It’s natural to want to date someone who has healthful ways to cope with stress and anxiety. Most of us remember where we were on the morning of September 11, 2001. Just like other notable times like the Great Depression, in aspects of sociology this is what is classified as a shared experience. How you guided yourself through this experience is indicative of who you will most likely want to date.

This person is also taking a risk meeting you. Although the risk is significantly lower than it has been since the pandemic started, it is still a risk. Probing someone’s comfort level, or voicing your own comfort level, is important. Instability has been at the core of many individuals’ lives for at least a year. If you can reassure or provide stability when you meet someone for a date, that’s a guarantee of extra brownie points.

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