“How to Keep a Gay Man Interested: 5 Ways” for EliteSingles.com

Having been a professional matchmaker for many years, I understand what you should prioritize if you’d like to figure out how to keep a gay man interested in you.

Every day in a relationship should feel like an adventure. This quest will have twists and turns, but as long as you and your partner care for each other, the journey should bring you closer. Here’s my advice on how to steer you and your man in the right direction.

My Guide on How to Keep a Gay Man Interested in You

Pay Attention to the Small Stuff

If you’re a gay guy in a new relationship, start taking an interest in your man’s passions.

Has the guy you’re dating mentioned his favorite band before? If so, why not get tickets for you both to go see them or surprise him with their new album? Paying attention to his likes and dislikes gives you what you need to plan a great date. Sure, seeing his favorite band might not be your ideal evening, but it might be his.

Supporting his interests, whether you like them or not, shows him you like him and keeps his eyes from wandering.

Cook for One Another 

Studies show that knowing how to cook is one of the most attractive male hobbies there is.

Maybe it’s the domestic Southerner in me, but my grandmother taught me that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’ve dated men who were great in the kitchen and others who weren’t, and there’s just something amazing about a guy who cooks!

Even if I was served a microwavable hot dog and cheap wine, it didn’t matter. What made me smile was the fact that this guy made the effort to prepare a meal for our date. So if you’re an amateur in the kitchen, brush up on your culinary skills to put your man in a good mood.

Keep Surprising Each Other

Nothing says “I like you” more than when someone surprises you with your favorite meal. Don’t wait for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday to surprise your crush. Treat them to surprises all year round.

I’ve always been a person that thrives when things are shaken up. I often search for this tempo in a relationship.  Letting your relationship become repetitive might make your partner feel bored. That’s not what you want when you’re figuring out how to keep a gay man interested in you.

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