Mason Is a Guest on “The Black Agenda Podcast”

Adrian and Devin speak with best-selling author and gay dating expert, Mason R. Glenn.

1st Segment: Digital Dating
During this segment, Mason goes into his start in the matchmaking business (0:35), how to use dating apps productively (3:25), how you can cautiously and proactively date online (5:25), and being able to notice dating profile red flags (6:30).

2nd Segment: Dating Under the Radar
Mason gives his trade tips on meeting men that might not be out of the closet (9:30) and goes into doing your relationship homework – maybe starting inward first (11:44).

3rd Segment: Laying the Foundation
Finally, Mason goes into common obstacles and frustrations with gay dating (17:49), seeing past your “ideal” person (20:55), and how to overcome tense moments within a relationship (22:25).

…and don’t miss his final thoughts on how you can make the Covid-19 pandemic turn into a tool of compatibility (25:50).

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