“4 Things You Can Learn About Someone By Looking at His Dating Profile” for DatingAdvice.com

Online dating has changed the game for singles in many indisputable ways. For example, they have more access to more compatible people than ever before, and they can specify exactly what they want from the get-go in their dating profile.

However, sometimes after spending so much time on their own profile, some singles only spend five seconds looking at the profiles of potential matches. That means they miss the opportunity to gain valuable insight into a potential love interest’s personality. You can learn a lot by reading every word and really taking in every picture. Here are four of the most common things you can learn about a potential match by analyzing their dating profile.

1. The Type of Lifestyle He Has

One aspect of online dating I appreciated when I was single was when I came across someone who spent time thinking about the variety of photos to include in his profile. For example, if he has a lot of photos of him with his dog, then you can tell right away that he’s an animal lover and this pet is a priority to him. It’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons of taking on that responsibility with him if you two start dating. If you’re an animal lover, it’s probably no problem. If you’re not, you have some things to think about.

If all of his photos are mirror selfies showing off his physique, you don’t get a sense of his day-to-day life. Sure, he may be nice to look at, but who is he as a person? What are his values and beliefs, and will those values and beliefs line up with yours? This can be a sign that he’s somewhat vain and superficial. If most of his photos are of him traveling to different countries, it may appear that he has expendable time and money. I love an adventurous spirit, but my lifestyle dictates traveling as a treat and not something I would do almost every weekend. These examples may sound like slight judgements, but the content of a profile, including photos, are all you have at this stage of the game to draw conclusions about someone’s personality. You want your potential date to somewhat enjoy or respect your hobbies and interests and vice versa. I believe a majority of singles feel the same way to some extent.

Try to apply the conversations you’ve had with unsuccessful first date experiences. Take note of important lifestyle points in a person’s dating profile and compare them with what makes you happy or comfortable or interested.

2. How He’ll Present Himself on a Date

When I was single and online dating, I always made sure to take note of what a potential match was wearing in his profile photos. This would give me a clue about his style, and his style would give me a clue about who he is. I believe most single gay men want to date a guy who can equally dress up and look good in jeans and a T-shirt. It can be a bit intimidating for someone to appear in all of their profile photos dressed in luxurious suits at prestigious events. Similarly, profile photos of someone in a computer chair, unshaven, and looking like he hasn’t showered may not tell the total story.

That’s why a selection of profile photos that show a potential match in different activities and styles gives a more complete idea of who they are. If your potential match has balance in his style, that means he probably has balance in his real life, too.

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