“4 Gay Dating Trends to Embrace in the New Year” for DatingAdvice.com

2020 came with its own set of trials and tribulations. Although we all had goals at the start of the year, a lot of them were underachieved or weren’t even possible to attain. But a new year brings a reinvigorated sense of self and a restored faith that we can achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

The same attitude can be said about gay dating. Here are my top four ways I feel like most gay men will embrace and practice gay dating in 2021.

1. Talking About the Effects of the Election & COVID-19 Pandemic

I suspect that a lot of online dating profiles will be more politically charged in the coming year — more so than ever — and that’s OK. This past election has made people less flexible in their level of political comfort. It has keenly defined what they are willing to budge and not budge on.

Meeting someone outside of your trusted circle may cause an immense amount of anxiety beyond regular first-date jitters. The election and other social issues have polarized how people view current events. Someone’s stance on the pandemic and the outcome of the election may say a lot about that person to you, whether you label their views good or bad. Because someone’s actions could actually be labeled dangerous, there is a heightened energy in the courtship process.

Would you describe yourself as an adamant mask-wearer? Were you going out to restaurants, traveling, and socializing indoors with multiple people during quarantine? Do you care whether someone has ever gotten tested for COVID-19 or if they would get a vaccine? I believe people will be asking these questions to determine compatibility. Good communication in 2021 dating conversations will mean respecting differing opinions and being true to yourself at the same time. Be prepared to have these conversations, and make them honest and direct.

2. Being More Flexible on Dates

Thanks to the pandemic, most people have learned to roll with the punches when it comes to managing everyday life. People are generally driven by two things in life: money and time. Singles and other consumers have saved a lot of money these days by not traveling or going out to eat or drink as often — if at all. Furthermore, most people have negotiated to work from home — freeing up some time.

You learn quite a bit about a person’s temperament and character when things don’t quite go as planned or when stressful situations occur. What would happen if you or your date planned a first meeting and one of you forgot to call a restaurant that was reservations only? Remember, Plan B will be just as fun and mutually comfortable, so be malleable in that way.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with bad behavior. If I were single and someone I was dating regularly couldn’t make time for a Zoom call, even though I knew they didn’t have much going on, I’d raise questions. That said, I believe people will be less patient with someone who flakes on a date or seems not to take their time seriously. People are flexible, but ask them to bend too much and they’ll abandon the match altogether.

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