“Gay Relationship Advice: 3 Essential Points” for EliteSingles.com

gay datingAs we grow into our mature dating selves, we start creating a collage of ideal characteristics we yearn for in a gay relationship. The smartest and most eligible men I encountered in my professional matchmaking career exactly knew the masterpiece they’d made. They were also able to convey it to me clearly. Here’s what they all wanted in a gay relationship.

Expert Gay Relationship Advice: 3 Tips

There’s plenty of useful bits of gay relationship advice out there. However, these are my three major essentials to make sure you have the right tools to make your personal collage an honored work of art.

Establish Physical Intimacy Value 

As a man searches for his optimal gay relationship, he knows the particular value he places on sex and intimacy. The worth you place on this value should also match your potential mates’ perception of it too.

Being in the matchmaking industry for a while, this part of a gay relationship is something I would frequently hear in intake interviews. Generally speaking, men are visual and physical creatures. It follows that gay relationships are built on a physical connection. This means an open dialogue on how often you’re intimate and your preferred position is key to success.

Through the myriad of gay dating apps, these preferences are usually black and white. In a long-lasting gay relationship, some men don’t want to budge on how they define that physical piece for themselves.

I thoroughly believe that just because your sexual preferences don’t exactly align, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. It should be an opportunity to explore a different way of doing things.

Another preferred quality I’ve heard over and over again is someone that’s willing to go with the flow. Sometimes, this will open your horizons so to speak, but I also understand how this isn’t a notion of negotiation for some people.

In my younger years, I’ve been in situations where someone tried convincing me to fit their mold. This was a complete turn-off and felt dogmatic. I believe sex and intimacy should always be spontaneous and evolutionary. Your options are greater if you bend a little, trust me.

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