“Gay Dating Tips: 5 Pandemic-Proof Pointers” for EliteSingles.com

gay dating adviceBefore we get to the gay dating tips, let’s take stock. COVID-19 has derailed our everyday lives. We’ve had time to think about the trajectory of our lives, and which relationships in our orbit that truly matter.

We begin to decipher the relationships we have out of convenience versus being thorough with direction and purpose. We then strive to keep those closer “cosmic” relationships and let go of those that appear to waver. Dating during these times has given us quite a few hurdles to overcome. However, it’s shown that if something is important to you, you’ll do whatever it takes. Period.

5 Gay Dating Tips for Lockdown

As a professional gay matchmaker, I always would tell my clients that “if you have time to pee, you have time to text someone back.” Experiencing lonely Corona blues? Here are a few ways for you to turn that pandemic frown upside down with my top gay dating tips during this tumultuous time.

Virtually Date, and Don’t Flake

We’ve come into a phase of the world where you can give a lasting first impression from the waist up and be a little laxer in your sweat pants from the waist down. In this time, there’s no excuse to flake on your dates because most likely, your social commitments have been drastically cut or even eradicated altogether.

First impressions will almost always count more than you know. It’s one of the most important gay dating tips I’ve told friends and clients over the years. We all find ourselves telling our friends about our exciting first date, so don’t find yourself in the “worst first date” category.

Try to discover your favorite date shirt again that makes you feel confident, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, and spend some time studying your date’s online dating profile.

Get Creative on Virtual Dates

In the times of virtual video dating, nothing is more unimpressive to someone than treating a date no differently than the hours of video they were just on for work. Put effort into making the virtual date fun and dig into their interests.

Spice things up and explore interactive virtual games. Fun quizzes or even cooking dinner together work. Planning a unique evening will make your date feel special. They’ll also see you value their time if you do this.

Eventually Meet, but Responsibly

At the end of the day, gay men are men. There is something present in our brain that must be stimulated for us to gain physical attraction to someone we are dating.

During my time as a professional cupid, I would always tell clients that one of my favorite gay dating tips is to not date a pen pal. It’s important to meet in person, and sooner rather than later.

Make a point to go on two or three virtual dates at maximum to see if the emotional chemistry has developed. Then, make a plan to have a socially distanced picnic or walk to experience that true physical attraction test.

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