“5 Ways COVID-19 Quarantine Will Change Gay Dating” for DatingAdvice.com

We are now forever changed as humans when it comes to what we have experienced thus far in this COVID- 19 era. No matter what our political affiliation, we can all agree that this forced pause has allowed us to reevaluate our everyday lives in different ways.

It stands to reason that gay dating has also been affected, and you may see some changes that will either scare or excite you. Let me raise five ways that the quarantine may have altered your dating outlook.

1. People Will Be More Creative When Planning First Dates

Now that grabbing a casual drink after work has stopped being an easy option, I think a lot of individuals will invest more time on first dates. The question “Are you comfortable with [insert activity]?” will now be more of a norm when setting up a place for a first meeting.

Coming out of quarantine, most gay men will crave a need for safe physical interactions away from a digital platform. I read that human connection not only increases the quality, but also the longevity of life.

Before the quarantine, the thought of taking a long hike with someone may have smacked of too much commitment. I think that a lot of people today would think that, even if the hiking date was a bit of a dud, at least you were outdoors and doing something active for the day.

The pandemic has taken convenience away from us for the time being, making engaging with people more difficult. That means that people are coming up with more clever ways of meeting, whether it’s via web conference or standing six feet apart on the front porch to chat.

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