“Gay Relationships 101: 4 Things to Know If It’s Your First” for DatingAdvice.com

I revel in the confines of a relationship, and tons of other people do, too. Some of us are just genuinely more excited to be in a relationship than to be single. However, I understand this mindset can easily be viewed as mundane.

Whether you are brand new to the gay dating world, or maybe it’s been forever since you were linked with someone romantically, there are some really important things to consider in making your potential relationship strong. This can vary depending on how long you’ve been single and how old you are, too.

If you are not enjoying being single and mingling, then here are my top four tips to help you become happily coupled.

1. Determine Whether You Agree About What’s Important in Life

When you first start to get to know someone, you get glimpses into their everyday life and what they deem as important within it.

For example, if you’re someone who wants to constantly eat out, it probably wouldn’t work to be with someone who is watching his weight and who preps all of his meals.

Here’s another example. In a major metropolitan city like Los Angeles, where I live, a lot of gay men are extremely gregarious and have very committed social calendars. One of my number one pet peeves is when people don’t get back to me to RSVP an outing in a timely manner. A former partner of mine used to do that. If someone says to you, “It’s important to me that we pencil this commitment in by this day,” then listen to him.

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