“3 Important Gay Dating Steps to Follow for Success” for DatingAdvice.com

We’ve all been on dates that seemed a little lackluster. Too often, we have more of those experiences than dates that truly woo us. Do you wonder why those dates were like that?

Here are some of my explanations for why some dates are “just OK” as well as my top steps for making your connections successful and into the long-term relationship realm.

1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

I’ve mentioned communication a lot during my dating coaching sessions with clients as well as in most of my previous advice articles, but it really is pivotal in terms of creating momentum and sustaining excitement within a relationship.

We always want to feel like our potential partner is thinking about us, even if we don’t hear from him. This is especially true in the dating app game when we have so many “banked” options.

I can’t tell you how many guys I would start a conversation with on a dating app, and, by day three, if I didn’t get a response, I wiped them from my prospects. I wanted to know that they took dating seriously, and it wasn’t just a hobby of theirs that they get to it whenever they are bored. I think having so many options on dating apps has diluted our excitement to meet just one good person at a time.

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