“4 Gay Blind Dating Tips (From a Coach)” for DatingAdvice.com

We’re well into 2020, and you may be thinking about how you can make this the year you find love, especially if you’ve been single for a while. Let’s face it: Singles have to try new tactics or even be reminded of proper etiquette when trying to seal the deal of a true connection.

When you’re going on blind dates to meet people, your nerves can create a heightened emotional state, of sorts, that can lend nuance to preconceived notions.

Here are some of my top trade secrets on how to make your first in-person encounter more authentic and fun.

1. Talk on the Phone Before the First Date

Personally, I believe there is power in an initial phone call before a first blind date. As a professional matchmaker, I require that my clients have a phone call with their date before the first meeting. It’s so important to place the power of someone’s voice and energy with their photo.

I think it’s also a great way to create a conversational guidepost for when the meeting happens. I remember this one time, when I was dating somebody, and we were watching the same documentary while on the phone, I made a mental note to make sure to have an intellectual discussion about our initial thoughts on the content when we met.

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