“3 Gay Dating Profile Examples (To Attract Men)” for DatingAdvice.com

We’re in a millennial world when it comes to dating. Whether you’re 18 or 68, one of the most efficient ways to meet someone special is through online and mobile dating.

How do you navigate your dating ship through this sea of potential treasures? Here are my top tips for having more of a successful experience.

1. Use Quality Photos Where People Can See Your Face

We’re men. We’re visual men. Period. Your photos are all you have when it comes to creating the best first impression. I think a lot of men want to get a physical glimpse of your energy and lifestyle. Your photos are a representation of the mosaic of your life.

As a professional matchmaker for many years, my favorite client photos are well-cropped, good quality images of them out and about with friends. You don’t want someone to think your friend is more attractive than you, and you don’t want every other photo to be of you with a drink in your hand.

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