Senior Matchmaker’s Mason R. Glenn First Article with as the “Gay Dating Expert”

When you’re in the honeymoon phase of a relationship, everything is so exciting because you’re getting to know someone, and no one can do any wrong. As time passes, you may start entering into the commitment stage, and then you start seeing if your partner’s habits are something you can deal with for the long term.

Let’s identify seven of those key qualities that can cause someone to fall out of love.

1. You Wonder What Your Value is Outside of a Relationship

You haven’t been single long enough to know your own value. I think a lot of gay men like the idea of a relationship, but not the actuality of a relationship.

Most gay men who are ready for a relationship have been through the dating and relationship gambit for a while and start picking themselves apart in a good way: what they can’t and what they can offer to a partnership.

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