Mason featured in “The Camp” Pride Issue

Your relationship isn’t working, or you can’t even find one. Perhaps your favorite gay watering hole is seeing an alarming influx of boisterous sorority girls and “fauxhemian” straight couples. Maybe you’re new to the same-sex dating scene or have been away from it for a while, and you just don’t know how to date these days. Sure, there are websites and phone apps, but most cater to those looking for a quick encounter. In this era, how do relationship-minded single gay men go about finding partnership-oriented relationships?

That’s where Mason Glenn comes in. For the last five years, Glenn has been the premiere matchmaker to gay couples in Beverly Hills and beyond, helping hundreds of single gay men find love. Now he’s sharing his secrets in his new book, Getting Ahead of the Gayme: Man First, Gay Second from Page Publishing.

“I became interested in the industry five or six years ago,” Mason says. “I’ve always been great with people and I’m very intuitive.”

He came from a corporate background, during which he trained people to be occupational leaders. He quickly realized that his skills could be applied to…(continue reading)