About the Author

Mason R. Glenn is a best-selling author that offers an astute perspective to true connection in the full spectrum of a gay man. Mason has been consistently inspired and intrigued by the thought process of gay men in their dating practices. As a professional matchmaker for many years, Mason has been able to transform the lives of individuals to feel the full capacity of unconditional love. Intuition has been his gift. Through the collection of his human experiences through his matchmaking career, he has a wealth of information of quantitative and qualitative data to share. There’s always some involvement in some street smarts, too! Mason is able to create a comprehensive dating plan that brings transformational success from all of these variables collectively.

Currently, Mason continues to write and work with matchmaking companies as an expert and pioneer in the field of gay dating and courtship. Mason actively contributes to blogs, podcasts, and leads seminars that celebrates his idea of being a “gayme” changer! His hope is that his voice aids gay men seeking something special that will make them better gay men for themselves, their loved ones, and fellow community.

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